MDI Industries providing precision sheet metal, machining, and assemblies MDI Industries providing precision sheet metal, machining, and assemblies
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Precision Sheet Metal, Machining, and Assemblies - Prompt Quotations on all your design jobs, large or small.

We've been there ourselves. We know what's important to you. MDI Industries provides precision sheet metal, machining, and assemblies. We feature an all-inclusive service. We engineer, manufacture, and finish products to your needs and specifications as well as provide you with exceptional customer service, all within a competitive price. MDI offers value added engineering services on all our products. Our staff of engineers will confirm your specifications to ensure that you receive the highest quality product.

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Competitive Pricing - At MDI, we take the bottom line serious so we provide you with quality service at aggressively competitive prices.

On-Time Delivery - Our quoted delivery times are realistic and reliable.

Service - We stand behind what we build and what we offer to our customers, no matter what stage of development or manufacturing.

Quality - Each member of our team is committed to providing a quality product/experience to our customers.